Columbus was born here.
A day walk through the capital of Liguria, Genoa.
You'll probably reach the city by train to Brignole, the main station of the city. From its surroundings you can find some clues about the architecture of the city. The buildings are at different levels throughout the whole city, due to the relief of the ligurian Apenines.
In pictures: Brignole Station, Piazza de Ferrari and Piazza della Vittoria.
Genoa is a coast city. Its main seafront promenade is Corso Italia, which connects the old port with Boccadasse. Throughout the walk you can enjoy different private beaches and clubs. The seaside view is impressive, with their sharp cliffs and colorful buildings.
Boccadasse is, by any means, the most famous place in Genoa. The small beach is still used by fishers, from where they every morning sail, keeping a centuries tradition.
In pictures: streets of Boccadasse, view of Boccadasse from Corso Italia and Church of St. Anthony.

The cemetery of Staglieno is a musseum itself. Within the corridors and galleries you can find some amazingly detailed marble statues, made to honor the deaths of the rich families.
In pictures: one of the four main galleries, graveyard and Faith Statue.

Let's finish our day-tour by exploring the alleys of the historical centre of Genoa, one of the biggest in the world. It starts at Piazza de Ferrari and finish at Porto Antico ("Old Port"). Some of the alleys are so narrow that it's hard to pass through if you don't walk sideways.
In pictures: Fiat Seicento in Piazza Matteotti, alley in historical centre and Sunset in Porto Antico.
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